one word can ruin a life, positive

After she realized this, she panicked.

She called the TPH (Teen Pregnancy Hotline) and confessed everything that she could recall. It’s not that she could actually remembered everything, she was high. The others were high too, but all they did was make out to full extent. The TPH informed her that it could be a mistake and it could just be from her stressing out too much over this.

The next day she took a pee test. She was only worried about that one word that could ruin her life forever.

“Shit, it’s positive.”

She took eight more. Still positive. She became over depressed for weeks. Until this one day, she realized that somehow within the next nine months she’d have to tell everyone the truth. An abortion was out of the question though, she was in a pro-life club, or was until none of them would even speak to her any more.

And then, the flashback came to her.

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