teenage stupidity continued...

After the realisation really sunk in, Fin and Karen decided to sort out how they were going to manage the situation.
There was so much they had to think about.. How were they going to survive financially? Were they emotionally prepared? Would they ever be emotionally ready? And how were their parents going to react? They were both so young..

“You do realise my dad is going to flip Fin?”
Karen was pulling her hair out as she stressed about what her mum and dad were going to say..
“They will castrate you themselves..”
“Oh don’t be so fucking stupid Karen,” Fin interrupted before she could keep carrying on.
“We will just explain to them it was a silly little mistake, it will take time but they can’t stay angry at you forever!” Fin continued.

“Oh yeah? Ha, we will see…” Karen’s frustration eased a little as she fell quiet.
Fin was quite aware of the sadness dawning on her face and he started to calm down a little.
He wrapped a strong, safe arm around her delicate body and held her close.

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