It Was a Dark and Stormy Challenge... (Intro)

Good grief, it’s time for a challenge! This one is simple: Sequel one of the original Ficleteers, SNOOPY !

Following, you’ll find lines from the Great American Novel that everyone’s favorite beagle has been working on over the years. Choose one or more, and build a Ficlet around it. Keep Snoopy’s line in bold print to make it easy to spot.

The scoring for this challenge will be easy as Peanuts. It’ll be the number of Snoopy lines used in your Ficlet, divided by your average star rating. The deadline for entries will be 3/31/2008, with an additional week to get the ratings in.

Snoopy’s lines are in the sequel to this Ficlet. Good luck, everyone, and remember, Happiness is a warm puppy…

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