Blue Flame

“So,” the ancient man said in a crackly voice, “you must be the girl I keep hearing all about, eh?” The old man smiled a wrinkly smile at Kamaria.
She looked at Aedin questioningly, and he shook his head ever so slightly. Later, his voice whispered in her head.
Aedin took the man by the arm and muttered something to him. The old man bobbed his head like a turkey when he nodded, and his extra flabs of skin on his neck flapped around like wings.
Aedin led the old man and Kamaria down the steps into a dimly lit cavern. Kamaria noticed the blue torches on the walls, about every 30 feet. How did they get the fire to burn blue? she thought.
STOP ASKING QUESTIONS ! I TOLD YOU I WOULD EXPLAIN LATER ! Aedin’s voice echoed in her head, and she saw his violet eyes reflecting the bright blue flames, glaring menacingly at her. I’m sorry, Kamaria. Just… try not to think. Follow me, his voice told her as he turned a corner.
Kamaria gasped at what she saw: hundreds of beautiful, extremely pale people.

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