Dear Jane

Dear Jane,

I know this will hurt you more then it will hurt me.

I am such a coward when it comes to breaking someones heart. This is the easiest for me.

I know right about now your jaw is dropping and you are confused and unsure of what is about to be sad.

Know this it is not you but it is me. Just think of it as me being the bigger person in all this.

It’s about one year since I met you and out of guilt I stayed this long.

You were never going to be my wife and or ever meet my family.

It was all about the sex.

You were so nieve that you proberly would have followed me all over the world if I asked you to.

My friends made fun of you and you never look much like a girl friend just one of the guys.

I know I said I loved you, but ahh… it was a lie. You know how it goes in the heat of the moment. I hope what I am saying will not break you, but make you strong.

I know that you will find someone eles one day.

A bit of advice though! Do something with the way..


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