My Single Rose

Does he still like me? He hasn’t talked to me in a while, he has just been hanging with his male friends. I thought as I shook my head walking up the path to my house. I walked through my door, dumping my bag on the floor, walking stright to my room. I didn’t feel like dealing with getting something to eat and having to talk to my family and have to explain why I was like this. For the last two weeks whenever I came into a three foot range of a family member they ask me what wrong, and today I just didn’t want to bother.

The minute I stepped into my room I shut the door behind me. I walked or to the glass doors that lead to my deck. I opened the doors and stopped dead in my tracks. For on the railing lay a single red rose. A tear fell down my face as I walked up to it. I hesitated picking it up because there was a note attached and on the cover was writen, To My Dear Annalisa, from Travis

Holly Crap I thought, it’s from him. Again I hestitated as I slid my thumb underneath the flap…

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