the last sunset

Looking up at the full moon appearing in the sky, she knew that this would be her last sunset.

Fairlee was her name. Her mother named her this because it means from the yellow meadow, this was appropriate because they lived among a prairie. She always would run outside and hide within the tall grasses and watch the stars.
Tonight, she laid down to watch the sun slowly drift away to nothing.

She couldn’t let herself count down the seconds but the watch secured to her wrist wouldn’t stop beeping, counting down the seconds in its own language. As soon as it would get to the last beep it would go off and her body would lay in the yellow meadow, where she is meant to be.

Of course she was not the one who had made the watch attached to her wrist. After going on a blind date, the boy gave her a “present” and asked to “fasten” it on for her. Boy did she regret going out with him now. Days went by as she attempted to get it off. No such luck. Now she lay dead after the poisonous venom flowed into her bloods.

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