Phone Call

As soon as Ashley got home, she collapsed. She didn’t even know how to handle what she had just seen. I mean it’s not everyday you walk outside to give someone back some notes you borrowed and then see your boyfriend and your best guy friend making out on the side of the school. It was almost funny humiliating.


Ugh. The last thing Ashley wanted to do was answer her phone. It was probably someone calling to make fun of her or pretend to understand what she felt like. Truthfully she didn’t feel like dealing with anyone, but she looked to see who was calling anyway. She didn’t recognize the number so she decided to answer just too see who it was.

“Hey, is this Ashley?” Cameron asked.
“Yeah,,, who is this?” Ashley shot back.
“I’m a friend of a friend, that’s how I got your number. The names Cameron and I ran into you in the hall today and you seemed pretty upset. I was wondering if you were okay.”
“Oh, yeah. I’m fine.” To Ashley, he sounded strangly sincere.

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