Free [Bag of Sand's 18 to 1 Challenge]

If I could take back all the times I said everything would be okay, you’d still trust me.

I’ve just failed you too many times and now everything has fallen apart and gone to hell.

It’s no use trying to discover everything that I have had to do to protect you.

The things they did to me that I pray you will never find out about.

I can’t even let myself think about those horrible things or I’ll go mad.

I must keep my mind focused on the job and forget the rest.

Please don’t look at me with those unshed tears in your eyes.

When this all began, I swear I was only following orders.

I didn’t know I would fall in love with you.

I promise you this: we will make it through.

Whatever happens, whatever’s ahead, I’ll be with you.

I won’t – can’t – fail you, not again.

When it’s over, we’ll be free.

You’ll never be afraid again.

Such a small thing.

Four little letters.

That word.


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