Lisa and Liz: come on out Girlfriends: Part 4

Lisa attended her first Sisters of Sappho meeting with Liz. Sappho was a famous Greek poet and Lesbian. Now Lisa was starting to come into her own. She and Liz began to really get to know one another and to date. The kissing and sex were incredible! The passion she felt were just incredible, it was what she had been lacking with Aaron all along! She also now understood that old joke. What does a lesbian take on a first date? A U Haul!
In just a few months they moved in together and were very happy. Of course their were some bumps along the way. Her parents and siblings were shocked at first but soon came to love Liz and accept her as their own…their other daughter Lisa’s Mom called her.
Now Lisa knew their was one last thing she had to do. she went to the phone and nervously dialed the number. “Hello?” said a male voice. “Hello Aaron? This is Lisa…..You turned me gay!!! Hey a girls gotta have some fun! lol

The end

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