The Thimble

I recoil backwards, my back connecting with the wall of the cave. I can feel pain shooting up and down my spine, but I do not care. Anything to get away from the witch, even if it means hurting myself. The cloth that was gagging me has somehow, mercifully, come loose and I am able to spit it out.

“Help! Help me!” I yell at the top of my lungs.

I can hear the witch’s laughter. She lifts the lantern higher and I see her face, even more horrifyingly grotesque in the odd shadows thrown by the light.

“Scream all you want, dearie. No one will hear you. We’re deep in the mountains, and far, far away from town. We’re all alone.” Her voice has a sing-song quality to it that frightens me to my core.

As she comes closer I can see she is holding a small, silver object in her hands.

“Now then, I need to collect a thimblefull of your precious blood before nightfall in order to make the spell complete. Be a good girl and stay still.” Her hands come close to my face again, reaching for my neck. I start to scream again.

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