Elves and Boats

A large wave engulfs a young girl, maybe thirteen or fourteen, while she is being tossed around in wild, merciless waters in the ocean. She struggles for air while the wave pushes her deeper into her watery grave.

She finally breaks the surface and takes a short, gasping breath. Another wave crashes over her and she in plunged even deeper. Her vision blurs, her hearing dims, and she loses consciousness.

“So this is what it’s like to die…” she thinks right before everything goes black.

Her eyes blink open. She is not in the ocean anymore. She is in a bed, a rather comfy one at that. She glances around and sees little short people with pointed ears. Instinctively, she screams.

“Are you… elves?” she asks.

What seems to be the captain of the ship answers, “Well of course we are! What do you think we are? And who are you? Are you one of them humans who don’t believe in us?”

She raises her voice, “I am a human. My name is Amelia.”

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