Mechanical Pencils Vs. Pens

Mechanical Pencils come in all different sorts of colors from green to purple (my personal favorite), red to blue, orange to yellow, and everything in between. They do require you to buy extra lead, which can be expensive sometimes. Plus, their erasers can wear out quickly. I give Mechanical Pencils 4 stars.

Pens also come in many different colors and companies often give them out for free. There are many different kinds of pens, my favorite being the Pilot G-2 or whatever the heck it’s called. Other pens just don’t give out that much ink for my liking. But then there are the all important gel pens! Ooh! Ah! These are a girl’s best friend. However, pens, unlike pencils, cannot be erased. Sure there are erasable pens, but they aren’t that good. I give Pens 4.5 stars.

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