Amelia and The Elves: Adventure at Sea

The little girl on the Elves tiny ship The Ironic, was intrigued by the elfin crew with Care Bear sounding names.

Play an Sun went to get Amelia something to eat and drink.

Kind asked her, “are you feeling ok after your ordeal in the sea?”

“I.. I am fine,” she replied, still thinking she was in dreamland.
“Where am I?”

“On the Ironic”, said Captain Wave, his white beard almost touching the top of his boot as he spoke.

“Are you all elves?”, she questioned, feeling not unlike another young blonde she read about in a book called Through the Looking Glass. Yes this must be a dream, she thought.

“We can drop you off somewhere after we reach the North Pole and make our deliveries as per our contract with the Jolly One,” said the amiable captain.

“O, that sounds a grand adventure,” replied Amelia, excited for the first time since almost drowning in the rough sea.

“Cpt’n, come quickly,” yelled a frazzled first mate, Cloudy by name, “Tis a sea monster approaching on starboard side.”

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