Beautiful Baby Girl

“Alaia, that’s such a pretty name,â€? the mother said to her newborn baby daughter. “Her name will be Alaia Rae Stevenson.â€?

“Such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl,â€? said the father as he looked down at his child. “I can’t believe I’m the father of something so wonderful.â€?

The father placed his callused hand on his baby girl’s head, smiling down at her small body and large gray eyes. She had a little tuft of hair poking out from where his hand was, and her tiny little fingers reached up to touch his arm. She was quiet, very quiet for being a newborn, which usually cried when entering this world. The father removed his hand and kissed his wife on her forehead.

The mother’s curly brown hair was damp from giving birth, and her body was very weak from the shock of pain it experienced. Her tired blue eyes gazed lovingly and she kissed her daughter with her pale pink lips.

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