I hung out at his house for a little bit, just chillin.. and okay fine, making out. I had to get back home though, Mom would behead me if she knew I came to a guy’s house after school. Maybe Kait will even be there too, then I’d get a chance to talk to her, and tell her the plan.

I was talking to Warren on my cell the entire way home. Actually, I was so into the conversation that I didn’t notice it was raining out until I arrived at my house, where I saw it flowing down my driveway.

“Holy crap, it’s raining!” I exclaimed, suprised, into the phone as I was putting my hood up.

He laughed. “Nice observation smart one.”

I gave him a flirtatious giggle. “Shut up. I gotta go, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See ya. I lov-”

I hung up, the feeling of guilt reentering my system as I thought of Kait. I entered through my back door, checking the garage – Mom wasn’t home, and neither was Dad, so I was safe.

“Kait?” I yelled.

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