Perfect imperfections..

(Bam!) Magazines.. (Bam!) Media… (Bam!) Celebrities…

Ouch.There goes your self-esteem, your pride, your individuality.And why?
Because of the pressure,the want,the need,to be somebody you’re not!
But why all of the want and the need?Why is it that a young girl is willing to shove her fingers down her throat to feel better?Why is that a guy,any age at that,feels it necessary to join in on a group bashing,just to be labelled a legend?
To fit in? To feel like they are part of a group.. a crowd?

These self acts of pity are cruel,sad, insulting even! Why can’t a person just be happy with the way they are? Isn’t it enough that you are who you are?.. That you are you’re own person and you were born that way for a reason..
Just because a simple, or complex piece of plastic surgery makes you look better on the outside, who’s to say it will build what’s going on inside? Nobody’s perfect.. infact, its an individuals flaws and imperfections that make a person who they are.. Never fear what makes you great!

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