The Black Iris (part 13)

The girl smiled. “Iris is nice.” she said. She tilted her head down and began to speak. “I grew up with an abusive mother. One day I finally fled that house, and eventually ended up in Aleford.

I was found seeking shelter inside the church, and was taken in by a very kind family, a wealthy Lord and Lady that live just outside of town. I befriended their daughter, my first real friend.

One night, I heard the front gate open at a terribly late hour. It was the Lord and Lady’s daughter, leaving the property. I got dressed, and followed her quietly. She walked into town, and entered the church. I watched through the window.

Inside stood a cloaked man. The man seemed to say something to her. Shortly afterwards, the girl pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. She then set fire to the body. I watched in shock as the fire grew, and engulfed the church.”

“Unbelievable.” James responded, “Do you recall the name of the girl that murdered the hooded man?”

“I believer her name was Elizabeth.” Iris answered.

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