One Girl's Curse Is Another's...

Men, all they care about is size, thought Kristen as she stormed out the pub to her BMW .She put on her jacket over her top angrily and noticed SteveN was already in drivers side.

“I need to blow off some steam, Steve.”She said as she shoved him out and took driver’s and the keys. .

“What, another guy say hi to Luu and Muu instead of you?Boo-hoo Krist.” SteveN sympathetically wiped a fake tear, “Oh crap, that just sounded so..g-gg”

“GAY.Gee Steve, first of all you don’t name ta-tas, ESPECIALLY not Luu and Muu!Second, that drunky bastard didn’t want to say ‘ello he wanted a handshake!!”
They both let out a laugh.What happened at that pub was going to STAY at that pub.

“OKOK.Let’s get serious.I am not gay.I just get occasional gay moments, we all have them, YOU too.” He looked at her guilty face. “Don’t be so sad.Be happy,love you,love KRISTEN .I know I d-”
SteveN let out a long sigh.
“Kristen,I didn’t mean it like that.I still remember our promise. No love.”
“Good.”And she zipped up her jacket.

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