The Fight Is On

Tommy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then he drew back threw the most graceful he’d ever done before. Daddy and Grandpa would have been so proud. He thought he heard BleuCat sigh. But he couldn’t pay any attention to Bleu right now.

Within seconds the fight was on. That bass hit the sandwich bait so hard Tommy thought he would be yanked off his feet and into the pond! He talked his way through the fight. “Let him drag. Now reel!” Tommy took his time.

He let the bass go for a moment. Then he would spin the crank. Tommy would pull and release keeping just the right amount of tension. He would walk the bank following the bass carefully.

Tommy lead the bass back to his shaded spot on the bank of the pond as he brought him in closer, reeling faster. The bass, realizing he was losing the battle, started fighting harder. Tommy knew this is where he lost the fight last time. He took a deep breath and kept his cool.

His foot slipped into the water. He could see the bass now.

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