Come back to me

“It’s been a long time. I know I should have come sooner but… well, it’s hard. Too hard. I almost didn’t come today but the guilt got to be a bit much.” she said, looking away.

“It’s a beautiful day. Sun shining, birds singing and all that crap. You hate it, I know. You remember how we used to talk about the Monterey fog and how safe it made us feel? You looked at me and grinned your crooked little grin and kissed me for the first time that day. Said you couldn’t believe you found someone else who loved the fog the way you did.” She looked at the ground, at the trees… at anything but him.

Her voice thickened the way it does when you’re struggling not to cry. “I miss you.” she whispered. “Come back to me.” The silence that followed her painful admission was long and empty. She studied the blades of grass as tears dripped from her nose and fell on them. Little salty dewdrops.

She reached for him. Her fingertips grazed the cold granite and traced his name lovingly. She sniffled, stood, and walked away.

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