“Honey,” my dad began, and I closed my eyes for a moment before waiting for him to break the news.

What was I going to do? Make new friends? God, that would be even harder now, considering I was already two years into high school.

Everyone would already have friends, kids wouldn’t be as accepting…what was the chance that I would find another friend like Max?

Even June wasn’t much of a great friend anymore. In her old age, she spent most of the day curled up in her bed in a corner.

My dad looked over at my mom, both of them sharing secret, happy, nervous, excited smiles again.

Obviously Dad was getting a really good promotion.

We just had to move so that he could get it.

My mom picked up there, grabbing my hand from across the table and giving it a little bit of a squeeze.

“Jo, I’m pregnant. You’re going to have a little baby brother or sister!”

I swear my jaw must have dropped a foot.


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