You Littl-

I searched through my room for about the third time when my cell phone rang.

“Autumn.” it was Warren.

“Warren, I can’t find Kai-” I began as I sat down on my bed.

“I know.”

“What?” I shot straight up, my vision going black for a second, so I sat back down.

“Yeah. I found her – she was just over here.”

“Well you don’t sound too happy about finding her, what happened?”

He told me everything, my anger rising with each passing sentence. While he was talking, I heard a car pull into the garage, meaning Mom was back from work.

“Keep her there.” I all but yelled at him, grabbing my jacket yet again.

“She’s already gone.”

“Well then I’m going out to look for her.” I hung up and flew down the stairs, passing Mom on the way out. “I’m going out.”

“Oh no you’re not young lady, it’s pouring rain!”

My hair whipped across my face as I turned to look at her. “It’s about Kait. She..” I paused. ”..needs help.”

Mom understood right away. “Well let’s take the car, we’ll find her.”

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