Voices Aren't The Only Things That Break

“That first song, I’ve never heard it before.” Nick stated, after he and his brothers had heard the CD. “Who’s it by?”
“I wrote it.” I said smiling at him.
“Really?” Joe asked. “I didn’t know you wrote songs.”
“Of course not!” Kevin said pushing him over. “You’ve only known her for an hour!”
“That’s a really sweet song.” Nick said ignoring his brothers. “And you sang it beautifully.”
I made a face. “My voice cracks throughout the entire song!” I exclaimed disgustedly.
“But its not that bad.” Kevin pointed out.
“Well I-”
Suddenly the R.V. slammed to a stop and we heard the screeching of brakes. I was thrown forward into Kevin. Outside rang the sound of several vehicles slamming into each other, horns blaring and glass breaking.
I dragged myself off of Kevin. “Are you O.K?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. How about you guys?”
“Yeah.” Nick and Joe said.
“Moe! Are you all right?” Joe shouted.
No Answer.
Frowning Joe got up and headed to the front of the R.V.
We heard his startled gasp and rushed over.

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