The Dream


It was all Izzy could do to not pinch herself over and over again.

She was in a computer geek’s dreams! There was technology here beyond anything she had ever seen! 3-D projections, levitating computers, and the strange door she had just walked through opened the second she touched it!

Izzy Volterra had been lucky to know anything about computers at all. She had grown up on the street with her mother, and had it not been for a kind stranger that paid for her schooling… But even school… her dream… had to end when she…

But there was no need to remember the past now! She had left that behind! Now she could explore and learn this new technology, and she would escape! She knew this Dr. Paul wasn’t lying. She had read about certain tests like this…

But why had he said that he hoped she made it out alive? Could there be more to this maze than she thought?

Dr. Paul’s projection popped up on the sphere above.

“Oh yes, Isadora Volterra, there is much more to this Maze then you think!”

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