Another Kelly Belly Challenge

Sorry, i had to have Kelly belly star in this. Please endure this doldrumatic story (i might have made the word up, im not sure) =D

This story starts out with Kelly Belly and a cavalcade of pizza-eating outings.

Now Kelly was not an ordinary girl. She loved pizza. Now, what could cause such a heart- non healthy habit? It was simple. She was following the footsteps of her role models. The twins. =D (sorry im addicted to that smiley)

Okay, enough with the cheezy intro full of inside jokes that no one will get.

Kelly was eating pizza with her best friends, when suddenly, she felt the urge to jay-walk across the street to Pizza Hut. Now- buying pizza is so over-rated. Our kleptomaniac character walks over to the counter and distracts our server. We’ll call him John Lennon. Stealing pizza straight from the box, Kelly is now on the most-wanted list.

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