the same british voice from before said, “state your business,” in a very frightening and firm tone.
why aren’t you nice like before? i thought. “mffghgff.”
“stand up!” he ordered.
“gtthswdffamybaaq,” i responded.
“excuse me?”
i lifted my head out of the leaves. “get the sword off of my back, please.”
“oh.. right,” he said, and took the heavy blade off my spine. “now, what are you doing here?”
i rubbed my eyes drowsily and held my throbbing head, then gasped as i saw my inquirer. the boy was probably no older than seventeen, very tall, and extremely handsome. he had golden-brown hair that was being whipped by the wind into his dagger-like silver eyes (which were glaring at me menacingly), and his lean, muscular body was tightly clothed in what appeared to be clothes dating back to the middle ages, but not as…fluffy. he had a long scar on his left arm, and on his right, he had a long armor bracelet with some kind of green amulet in it. what stood out to me most, however, was his pointed ears.

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