Not Quite Walking On Broken Glass

Joe just stood there, staring at Moe, frozen with shock.
“Kevin!” I snapped, remembering my first aid training. “Call 911!” He immediately started pulling out his cell phone.
“Joe! Find the first aid kit!”
The volume of my voice spurred him into action.
“Nick come over here and help me get rid of this broken glass.”
We started throwing pieces of the shattered windshield out the of the RV. The damage to the vehicle was pretty bad, we’d hit one of the light posts on the highway. The entire front of the RV was totaled.
I gave Moe a quick inspection, most of the blood was from a gash in his cheek and arm.
“Moe, are you OK?” I asked.
He groaned and tried to move.
“Stay still!” I said sharply.
I began to check for broken bones.
Kevin covered the phone with his hand. “How bad is he?”
“Cuts, bruises and I’m not sure but I think his collarbone is broken.” I told him.
Kevin relayed the information to 911 and Joe tossed me the first aid kit. Moe tried to move again.
“Stay Still!” Nick and I yelled.

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