Reading The Results

“That’s the end of it.” Joseph turned to look his colleague in the eyes. “What was served by his death? He didn’t know who he was, let alone why he was being killed.” At the corner of his eye, just the smallest hint at a tear began to form.

“Just because some criminal didn’t remember the crime, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. The family had to have closure.” George replied.

“This wasn’t closure for these victims’ families, this was revenge. The only reason we aren’t now trying these families for a crime, is we have some vague idea of justice scribbled on some paper. This latest death only adds to the toll, it doesn’t wipe it away!”

“True, but taking memories doesn’t prevent more of these terrible crimes.”

“Neither has killing the killers.”

“Don’t go spouting off your numbers to me again!” George turned away, not wanting to face the fact that he had no clear point that made him right. As he faced away all he could do is pull another file from the stack on his table. “We have to try something more…”

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