The Amazing Groundbreaking Adventures of Me and Jed

I refuse to be ignored! I just plain out REFUSE ! Why? You might ask, well I’ll tell you why! I am ignored every waking moment of my life. Except by my lovable pet dog, Jed. You see, I’m an orphan, my parents died in a hideous accident when I was two and I was sent to live with my great aunt, Berta. Berta hates me and thus ignores me. I was lucky she let me keep Jed, she hates dogs, but she felt it would be traumatic to take him away from me when I had just lost my parents. So all I have in this whole world is Jed.
Kids at school hate me just as much as Berta. I just don’t fit in! Berta thinks I don’t need “cool” clothes and junk, so I don’t look like anyone. And years of isolation living in the worlds of my adventure books means that I never had friends. I’m just an outcast! But I refuse to be that anymore! THIS year is going to be different. I’m not going to be ignored. I’m going to start something up to make my life memorable for once or die trying! And just you try and stop me, I dare you!

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