Six Car Collision

As I was doing what I could for Moe, we heard sirens approaching. “I’ll go get the paramedics.” Nick volunteered.
“O.K. Hurry!” I yelled to his retreating back.
Suddenly the skylight above me shattered. I threw my arms over my head protectively as large pieces of glass fell from the ceiling. Nick arrived a couple moments later with the paramedics, they made us all get out of the RV and out of the way.
We climbed into the back of the ambulance after Moe, somewhat shaken by the carnage of the car accident outside. It was a six car collision caused by a patch of ice. Kevin got on the phone with their Mother.
“How did you know what to do back there?” Joe asked me.
I turned bright red. “Um, we just finished the first aid unit in health class.” I only told him half the truth.
Nick interrupted the conversation. “Wes! You’re bleeding!”
“What?” I said, startled. “Where?”
Since Nick was sitting next to me he was the only one who could see it.
“You’re shoulder.” he pointed. “It’s bleeding, a lot.”

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