Amelia and the Elves: Sea Monster!

“So… if you’re elves, how big is a sea monster?” Amelia asked, curious about what ‘big’ was like for these minuscule people.
Wave thought for a little while.

“Well I would say about five o’ us elves here lying down nose to toes would be it’s length, and two o’ us elves for its height.” Wave said, scratching his chin.

Wow. Amelia thought. That seems like a pretty small sea monster.

“Well, maybe I could help. After all that sea monster doesn’t seem to be that big compared to me.” Amelia said thoughtfully.

“Oh, but dis sea monster has a fierce demeanor and has destroyed many a elfin ships on these rough seas. Even a human may not be able to slay dis beast.”

“I’m sure I can defeat it! I know I can!” Amelia said with determination. “I know I can!”

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