Psychic Readers

Lauren walked into the psychic’s office. Her long, chestnut brown hair streamed down to her waist as she sat down in front of the crystal ball, across from the mysterious young lady. Some might even call her kooky.

Lauren normally believed this was a waste of money, but she felt compelled to have a psychic reading.

“Why are you here, my darling?” The psychic’s raspy voice sounded.

“I want to know my future.” Lauren said, hiding the tension in her voice.

“Let’s look into the crystal ball…” The psychic rubbed her bony fingers over the transparent sphere. “You will have good fortune, and you get loved unexpectedly.”


The next day, her mother was comforting her. Lauren had just been dumped by her boyfriend.

“It’s okay, Lauren. There will always be one person who loves you no matter what.”

“Oh yeah? Who?” Lauren cried, wiping away sobs.


Suddenly it dawned on her. The psychic reader had been her mother! They both had the same bony fingers and mysterious air.

“Thanks Mom.” Lauren smiled.

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