Roar: The Beginning

A roar shook the world, and a tiny crack appeared in the very core, the very heart of Kiyan.

And the citizens, the people, heard the roar. But they did more than hear the roar – they felt the roar. They felt it shake the earth, and they felt it make the tiny little crack in Kiyan’s heart.

Because when the crack was made, it was made in their hearts as well.

And most of the people ignored it. They did not care about the crack in their hearts.

But Ira was one of the few that did. And she was determined to find others like her, one that cared, and together they would find out what made the roar, and they would stop it from making another one.

And even though she knew it was easier said than done, she set out anyways, bag slung across her back and eyes squinting in the rising sunlight.

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