The Jonas Robbery Part 14: Asking Nick

“Shouldn’t you be calling your parents?!” I asked.

“Umm, we will. But, there’s no point in calling them now. There’s nothing they can do,” Kevin replied.

“What did your mom say when you told her you were with us?” Nick said.

“She flipped. I think she thinks your like….freaks or something,” I laughed.

They all smiled, and Kevin laughed.

Apparently they weren’t going to ask me if I knew who they were. Although, Nick already knew, from when I had first met him and was studdering like an idiot.

Thinking about it, I realized I had to ask Nick something.

“Um, Nick, why did you grab my hand when your brothers came and told you what was going on?”

Nick just looked at me, a small smirk and look of confusion on his face. “Umm…..I don’t really know. You were saying something to me, and then my brothers came, and…I don’t know. I just grabbed your hand. I just…wanted you to be safe….I don’t know.”

Apparently he didn’t know what to say.

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