Christian confesses

“Hey Krissy, mom wants to…where’s Andrea?”
He says as he looks around the room and doesn’t find her.
“In the bathroom, what do you want loser? And besides what’s your interest in her anyway?”
Krissy says raising a brow.
“Interest? No interest..just looking out for my sister’s friends, you know it’s normal”
right and i’m a one legged duck.” Krissy says sarcastically
“No you’re not”
“That’s the point you idiot, get out!”
“Okay if you wanna know what’s up, i’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell her.”
“Fine i promise”
“I …”
“Aha! I knew it you like her.” Krissy says
“uhh not exactly. Actually I’ve been watching her because Lucas asked me to, and i’ve told him that she isn’t the best girl for him because she always looks so..not together and he said he would ask her out so he could tell her he doesn’t wanna see her again”
Andrea walks out and says “What?! But i thought Lucas liked me. He wants to leave me?”
Krissy takes Andrea into her arms and sits beside her on the bed.

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