Durango Vengeance

I haven’t held up a locomotive in years. And I thought I wouldn’t ever again, until Franz Harris came along. King of the Rocky Mountain Casino empire and about thirty other operations of shadier reputability, I don’t know. All I really know is, he took my wife, and that’s enough for any man. Franz Harris has to die.

I swore to Wilco I’d come back for him if even one word of his information was wrong. That may not be a problem. Just beyond Cottonmouth Bald I see a plume of thick smoke rising from the fog, making its way around the mountain, right on schedule, and far away the lily train whistle sends its greeting.

This isn’t going to be a holdup. Easy on, kill Harris, easy off. Maybe I’ll poison him. Maybe I’ll slit his throat. I’ve got Lucille with me, just in case things go bad and the crook needs a .357 in his brain. Just got to see how things play out on the ride to Silverton. Today I’m the law.

I finish my coffee and grab my hat off the rack by the door. Nothing like an early morning Colorado ride.

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