The Untouchable Hybrid

This was a dojo; One training in martial arts, and Aphra had been sent by her family to complete her training and become the ultimate warrior.
Aphra took it like everything her family assigned her; Indifferently, cold; It was her duty, so she accepted it. Basically, Aphra had gotten so tired of getting hurt and betrayed, she just did whatever her family told her to.
She was different; It counted as offense. She may be more agile, intelligent, gifted with abilities other than those of her race; But she was a hybrid. Untouchable, despicable and disgraceful.
Aphra bore the marks of her heritage; Her pointed ears suggested she was an elf. Her fangs suggested she was a demon.
Her parents both met during the war. The instantly fell in love, and Aphra was the fruit of their passion.
She was happy at first; Just like all babies are.
But, then again, ignorance is bliss, some say.
Aphra was stripped from her parents and given to another family.
She didn’t know where they were.

She was a hybrid between elf and demon.

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