Amber Eyes

“That’s the new student, isn’t it?”
Aphra perked up. What did they say about her? Suddenly, there were whispers flooding from every corner of the room.
“Yeah, yeah. She’s the one that was kicked out of her home.”
“No kidding. What did she do?”
“I’ve heard that she’s a cross between elf and demon.”
“Don’t be stupid; That’s not possible.”
“Look at her ears!”
“Yeah, she’s an elf.”
“But she’s got fangs, too; Her hair is red. Elves don’t have those colors. They’re just brown and blond.”
“You’re right. Her eyes are slanted…I wonder what color they are.” Aphra started to shake with rage. All of this commotion only because of who her parents were? She fixed her composure and swirled around. Her cloak billowed about her, and Aphra’s red hair passed like flame through the air.
“What do you want to know about me? If you want to say something concerning me, ask me. Don’t talk behind my back,” she went up to the closest student. “You wondered what color my eyes were?” She glared.
“How did you?” he stuttered.

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