“Elves have good hearing, but I have better. An elf and a demon combined into one body has its advantages,” Aphra smiled wolfishly. She clacked her fangs together. The student shivered.
“Next time you decide to gossip like a bunch of ninnies, do it i front of me,” Aphra glared at him with her cat-like eyes. They glimmered with a deep amber color. Her pupils were slits of ebony black. Looking into them, you could completely lose yourself.

And then, with a clack of her boots, Aphra was floating down the hall again, her ghostly hair floating behind her.

The student collapsed where he stood.
“Hey!” his friend said, “Are you O.K.?”
“I’ve never sensed such an aura,” the student said, holding his head. “It was so powerful it made me dizzy.”

Aphra was guided to her room by a dojo caretaker. She bowed a brief thank you and went into her room.

She closed the door behind her and undressed.
She put on a flowing white robe, and tied a black sash at her waist.

She pulled out her swords.

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