The Jonas Robbery Part 15: Arriving At The Hospital

“Wait a minute,” said Joe. “You two were talking before we showed up?”

Neither Nick nor I spoke.

Kevin suspiciously looked at me. “What were you talking about.

“Well, we weren’t actually talking. I went up to Nick, ‘cause I thought he was my friend. Then, when he turned around, I realized he wasn’t. And then, I realized who he was. And, like an idiot, I just stood there and stuttered. And then you guys came,” I told them.

Joe laughed. “So you know who we are?”

“Yeah.” I smiled and nodded.

Kevin apparently thought it was funny. “Wow! You’ve been acting so…normal. I didn’t think you had any idea who we were! I guess I’ve just gotten too used to girls screaming when they see us.”

“Well,” I said, “actually, I’m a pretty big fan. But, it’s cool. I’m not gonna flip out now. You saved my life. You’re more like my heroes than my favorite band.”

None of them knew what to say.

Just then the ambulance slowed down and came to a stop. We were at the hospital.

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