To Rascal

The day we brought you home, I was so excited! We had found you dying and abandoned, so small that you would fit in my hand. Your future didn’t look good. I was so young then but I remember the vets telling us you would die. And I remember the tears, the pain, doing everything we could to keep your heart beating, to keep you breathing. They told us that you might have to be put to sleep. And I remember crying my eyes out that night.
You lived! I remember you growing from a tiny infant to a full grown cat. I remember you just lying on the floor,amused as the dogs pounced on you playfully, softly biting and pawing you. I remember how you would smack them with your kitty tail of fury, and lie on my bed with me when I was sick.
Why did you leave us, Rascal? After seven years, you just got up and left. Had you decided it was time to move on? I miss you Rascal, and I’ll never forget you. Each day I wake up, turning over, half expecting to see my kitty lying beside me.
But of course you are not…
(true story)

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