Letters to Amberly: Rescue Me

Hello Dearest Kingsley,

I was quite suprised that you actually made me a tape, but thank you. Did you pick those songs because you remembered my dreadful time in Paris and wanted to plague me with French music…well, did you?

Mother is making me take ballroom dancing classes with Alec next Saturday. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I am indeed, not looking forward to it. Alec has two left feet and he sticks his nose so high in the air that he usually can’t see where he’s going. I really should get myself excommunicated from these pretentious freaks.I’m pretty sure you’re the only sane one of us.

Oh, Kingsley, I hate the island. Nothing but geriatrics and boring days lounging around the beach house listening to mother talk about cocktail parties and setting me up with Alec. Please come rescue me. If you do, I’ll pretend not to hate you so much.

Yours Truly,


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