Kitty Howard Comes to Court (II)

I know I can rise even higher than she did. Uncle says all I have to do is seduce the king. It won’t be easy pretending to be infatuated with a fat smelly old man, but all I have to do is think of the new dresses and jewels I am sure to receive and I know I can do it. All I have to do is think of my lover’s attention on me, his hands on my thighs and his mouth on my breast, and I can put up with the fact that the king is old enough to be my grandfather and that his kisses are really very sloppy and messy.

Truly, it’s horrifying when you think about what a lecher he is. But since he’s the king everyone bows to him, no matter how terrible he behaves.

Uncle told me he’s pleased with my comportment and that the king is certain to propose to me. But how can a married man take another wife, I protested. Surely even the king can’t commit bigamy. My uncle just called me a silly lamb.

I think it should be very nice to be queen. I’d be able to buy new dresses and jewels every day. I think I would make a good queen.

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