Better Believe I Bled

I turned my head to try to look over my shoulder. Nick was right, blood was oozing from it. Kevin and Joe came over.
“Ouch.” Joe said, wincing.
“Can’t you feel that?” Nick asked.
“No… My shirt felt kinda wet but I thought it was melting snow.”
The medic had been so busy with Moe that he just now realized the topic of the conversation.
“Miss, are you bleeding?”
“Uh, yeah.”
“May I take a look?” Without waiting for an answer he began to inspect my shoulder.
He whistled. “Whoa…”
The medic accidentally knocked off my hat when he turned around to get a bandage.
My hair tumbled down on my shoulders, I felt every eye in the ambulance zero in on my hair.
I bent over and hastily snatched the hat off the floor and put it on quickly. It was too late, they had already seen it.
“Before you even ask, yes, this is my natural hair color.” I took the hat back off, It was useless now anyway.
The medic started laughing but he stopped when Kevin, Joe and Nick glared at him.

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