Cute Cuisine

As a Home Ec major, she wondered if it would be appropriate to point out to him that fried foods were not good for one’s health. But he seemed like such a nice dragon, and she didn’t want to offend. After all, he must have been eating a largely fatty diet of knights, squires and their accompanying horses, I mean, duh! who ever heard of a vegetarian dragon?

Still the thought of the marinade clung to her like dried ketchup. Perhaps she’d try a different tack.

“I’m really allergic to onions, you knowâ€?.

“Sorry, did lunch say something?â€?

“I said, I’m really rather allergic to onions. They make me break out.”

“Not to worry, my dear. Soy sauce is perfect on a skin as fine and delicate as yours. Why, only last year… or was it in the Dark Ages? My mind is getting really forgetful… I had this sweet little red head the locals decided to sacrifice to me, with the whitest skin, really peaches and cream. Wasn’t that bright though. Kept trying to drink the marinade… But where was I?â€?

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