Leech 1

Haley was anything but happy. It wasn’t just the fact that her parents had died on August 11th. On her birthday. It wasn’t just that she had to move in with her filthy rich aunt. That wouldnt be SO bad.

If it weren’t for the way they treated her.

Every SINGLE day, Haley had to clean the huge house, locked in her room when she wasn’t working and hardly ever given a sufficient meal. And Haley, afraid of the beating she would surely get if she resisted, had to comply. Surely the Derecks could afford a housekeeper. But Haley was beautiful, and could become famous in a heartbeat. Witch is why they had to keep her. At first, Mrs. Derek said it would only happen once, and never again. Then it started happening on a weekly basis, and then almost every day. But Mrs. Derek was careful, making sure the bruises would be easy to cover up under clothes. (Not that it mattered much, as Haley was seldom allowed out of the house.)

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