It's A Call He'll Never Get

“Wow.” Kevin said.
“Yes, I know its freaky.” I sighed, exasperated.
“No, no, no!” Kevin exclaimed. “I like it, its really cool.”
“Kevin’s right.” Joe added. “I think its cool too. I’ve just never seen hair that red before.”
“Me neither. But I like it too.” Nick commented.
“Are you serious?” I said with shock.
All three of them nodded.
“Wow… I mean everyone tells me that I should dye it and I look like something out of a crayon factory…” I started.
“That’s for sure…” The medic mumbled loud enough for us to hear.
I could tell Kevin was beginning to get annoyed with him.
“You’re hair is unique, like your name and personality.” Kevin stated. “And that’s awesome.”
“Hey do you need to call someone?” Nick said, changing the subject.
“No. My uncle isn’t expecting me for three days and I’d rather not tell him about this. It…wouldn’t end well…”
The sirens and the ambulance stopped, we arrived at the hospital.

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