Ciaran and The Peacock Lady

The peacock tattoo stood out boldly from her leg. He didn’t dare question her about it, knowing that even if he did, she probably would tell him nothing or perhaps a well developed lie.

The tattooed lady led him out of the tunnels and closer to the light of the city. Ciaran could only follow blindly, not knowing where they were. Only once had she spoken, to tell him which direction to take. Her voice was rich and ran over the ears like silk. The words she had spoken had barely been paid attention to, because of the distraction of her voice. They had both been silent almost the whole way until Ciaran had his first view of the city.

When he saw it’s magnificence, he gasped with surprise. Amused, the lady chuckled to herself and said “Come.” She led him down a twisted staircase made of the most translucent glass. He watched carefully, frightened he might fall through, but amazingly the glass held under his feet. With each step a new wondrous sight accosted his senses.

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