She lay, hands under her head, staring up at the sky. He lay with the top of his head touching hers.

“Sam, I love you.” He said. It was so perfect, so musical. The grass was given goosebumps by the beauty of his words.

“Aw! I love you too, bud.”

With that he pushed himself off the ground. She too sat up and turned to face him. The sunset light caressed his face, bathing it in golden glory. Kim saw none of that. “You don’t understand. I love you.”

“Sam…” She turned her head in near annoyance. “I told you. This isn’t going to work. I don’t love you like that. It’s not romantic. You know I love Kevin. He’s my one true – “

Before she could finish the sentence, his hand was behind her head and his lips were on hers. Just as quickly, he was up and on his way homeward.

“He…he kissed me?”

She was angry. But not with Sam. With herself. There was no way she could deny that she’d kissed back.

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